Soft Eyes

Seeing the world with an open heart’ 

‘We do not see the world as it is, we see the world as we are’ anonymous

The eyes are said to be the windows to the soul. When the eyes are soft, the heart becomes a point of connection. The left eye in particular connects with emotion, intuition, subconscious and imagination. The right eye connects with the left brain, more closely linked with reason and learned behaviour and language.

Soft eyes welcome intimacy.

Intimacy in Power E is defined as the possibility of In-To-Me-I-allow-myself-and-the world to see. It is a gradual state of becoming transparent. MNot so much that others can see everything in us, more so, that we are willing to be ourselves in the presence of others and let go of our fears of abandonment and rejection.

Hard eyes convey “looking at” – narrow, attention like. When the eyes are in a state of contraction, the left side of the brain is activated. We become analytical and enter a thinking space.

Soft eyes convey “looking through” – seeing through. When the eyes are soft. We slowly connect with the present moment and allow our natural, intuitive instincts to guide us.

It is a deeper connection. A truereflection of essence. When we look at something, we judge, the rational, mind intervenes, whereas when we look through or look within, the gaze is soft, allowing and perceptive. When the eyes are soft their ability to focus is enhanced. Focus is a form of love.

Whenever we offer our focus, we have an opportunity to offer our selves and be fully present.

In Power E to focus is to be aware of all that surrounds you and yet to choose to focus your awareness of an object or point of awareness in the moment. Our extra-sensory perception increases to allow a feeling of being at ease and knowing.

It is about having presence whilst seeing.

It is about looking within, your gaze rests its awareness on the outer world.

While understanding the reality of ‘inner sight’

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